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the most innovative and affordable tuition payment plan on the market today
One Percent Financing

One Percent Financing on tuition, books, and test prep courses over 6 months! No long-term debt!

Rewards Program

Up to $100 per month in discounts and coupons to many of your favorite restaurants and retailers.

Money Matters

Increase your financial knowledge and learn useful money tips on topics critical to college students and their families.

Credit Climber

TA takes the headache out of reporting your payments to a credit bureau. Establishing good credit is that easy and done for you.

Tuition Lockbox

TA makes it easy for students and parents to plan and save for college by using Tuition Lockbox, a savings platform you can share with friends and family.

Student Advisor

Give us a call or an email for Quick and Quality customer service and support!

How Does It Work?
Meet Ally!

For example, Ally signs up for classes and needs $1320 to pay for her tuition and books. She does not want to take out a long term, high interest loan and instead applies for a short term, low interest loan with Tuition Assurance.

So, in this example, Ally pays a $30 application fee, which is 100% refundable if for some reason she was not approved. Once approved, Ally makes a 25% down payment ($330.00). She then submits the TA Direct Deposit Form to her employer or a cosigner's employer, which automatically covers the monthly payment of $195.00 ($48.75 weekly or $97.50 biweekly for each pay period). It's That Easy!

  • Includes $30/month TA Membership

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