What do I need to know about student loans?

What is Tuition Assurance? 

Membership in Tuition Assurance makes it easier than ever to enroll in class and pay as you study without the need for long term loans, credit cards, or large deposits with quick payoffs. Pay your semester in 6 monthly installments through our tuition from payroll platform. This platform enables you or your cosigner to make automatic tuition payments directly from your employer paycheck. Even better, you can also invite friends and family to contribute like this as well as so you can "Own Your Education" faster. Members also have access to additional benefits including but not limited to TA Rewards, the Tuition Lock Box, Credit Climber, Money Matters, and more. 


How do I join Tuition Assurance?

To sign up for Tuition Assurance, Click Here. Complete the user-friendly application and upload any required documents. If you are a college or university interested in partnering with Tuition Assurance, contact us at info@tuitionassurance.com.


How much does it cost to apply?

There is a $30 application fee. This is 100% refunded if for some reason you are not approved.


Can my cosigner be someone other than my parent?

Yes, your cosigner can be anyone who wants to see you excel throughout your college education and is willing to accept paycheck deductions to cover the cost of your classes, textbooks, or exam prep courses.


Can I have more than one cosigner?

Absolutely! Tuition Assurance allows an unlimited number of cosigners and contributors. Receiving contributions from multiple sponsors provides an affordable solution to rising tuition costs.


If I don’t receive a paycheck but have special income sources such as a pension, Veteran’s benefits or Social Security, can I apply/cosign?

Of course, if you or your cosigner have a verifiable income source such as a pension, VA benefits, or Social Security you are eligible to join Tuition Assurance.


Who is eligible to apply for Tuition Assurance's innovative payment option ?

Everyone is eligible to apply for Tuition Assurance’s innovative payment option.


What if I receive financial aid, such as a scholarship or Pell grant?

Great! We’re happy to hear that you have help paying for tuition, but at Tuition Assurance, we know sometimes that isn’t enough. Tuition Assurance can help cover the remaining costs, without the burden of long term student loans.


When do I find out if I have been accepted into the Tuition Assurance program?

After completing the application and submitting the required documents, Tuition Assurance will contact you and your cosigner via email within 3 business days to confirm your acceptance.


When will my payments begin?

Check the terms and conditions of your agreement to learn about payment due dates. This will be sent in your confirmation email.


How much is the monthly membership fee?

The membership fee is $30 per month and is conveniently included in your scheduled tuition payments.


How do I or my cosigner sign up for payroll deduction with our employer?

After applying, you and/or your cosigner will contact your employer’s payroll or Human Resource Department to start the payroll deduction process. Many companies allow employees to make changes to their direct deposit preferences online.

My friends and family want to contribute to my tuition costs. Can they do that?

Yes, Tuition Assurance offers Tuition Lock Box. This unique kick-starter feature that allows friends, family, and sponsors to contribute towards your tuition costs. Your friends and family can rest assured knowing that the money contributed is being used to pay for your tuition directly! Learn more by visiting Tuition Lock Box.


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